Cookie policy

The meaning of the term “cookies”?
Cookies are a set of data that serve as your individual identifier, as individual QuikrSkills pages that you visit send them to your browser.

Certain types of “cookies”
Functional cookies – they are necessary for the normal functioning of the Internet domain-site. They allow users to navigate the pages smoothly.

Marketing cookies – enable the display of ads and advertisements that are relevant and attractive to an individual user based on their behavior on the site. For this purpose, we use Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel.

Statistical cookies – enable understanding of how users use the site and provide insight into popular site pages. They help the site to be constantly up-to-date and its quality improved. We use Google Analytics for these purposes.

Purpose of using “cookies”

QuikrSkills uses cookies to provide a better user experience. When you access a particular QuikrSkills page, we send you cookies that are stored on your computer and serve to record information about your previous visits (eg, how many times you have accessed our internet domain). Cookies do not contain your personal data, but are there to enable faster and more useful use of information and data that you have already left when accessing the QuikrSkills site. Our cookies on your computer cannot be accessed by any website that is not part of QuikrSkills.

In order to better understand user behavior, QuikrSkills also uses Google Analytics, Yandex metrics and Gemius. The collected data is in no way connected with your personal data that you submitted when registering on our internet domain in order to attend an online education course. In addition to the above, user behavior is also monitored by services for placing advertising content. These services monitor the user’s behavior in order to place the advertising message and the success of the advertising campaign. Also, these systems forward the collected information to third parties and that information may be used to place advertising messages on other sites.

Not accepting “cookies” or prohibiting the further use of “cookies”

When you visit our internet domain, a notification will appear asking for your consent to the use of cookies.
Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your web browser. You have the option of refusing to receive cookies from the QuikrSkills internet domain at any time. If you do not privatize the QuikrSkills cookies, or terminate them, after the prior appearance of the cookie notice, some of the basic functions of the QuikrSkills internet domain will not be available.

In the settings in the menu of the web browser you are using, you can turn off the acceptance of new cookies and delete all already saved cookies.

If you want to accept cookies from our internet domain, but not third-party cookies (marketing cookies, Google Ads, Facebook…), you can select “Block third-party cookies” in the settings.

You can find out how to disable cookies in different web browsers at:

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